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Watto Shamashri
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Watto Abraham Shamashri


July 11 1999, Toydaria

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5'5" (1.65 m)

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Idan Mendelssohn (cousin)

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"For the right price anything is possible."
―Watto Shamashri[src]

Watto Shamashri was a human male junk dealer/human trafficker, who owned a shop in Mos Espa, Tatooine. In his youth, he served as a soldier in the Ossiki Confederacy Army on his homeworld of Toydaria, but later left after sustaining permanently damaging injuries. Making his way to Tatooine, he fell in with the Jawa natives of the planet, and learned how to trade from them. Once he felt he had learned all he could, he abandoned the Jawas, and set up Watto's Shop in Mos Espa. He became one of Tatooine's many slave owners, and made a lucrative business for himself.


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Personality and traitsEdit

«Outlanders. They think we know nothing.»
―Watto Shamashri[src]

Watto Shamashri was a greedy and self-centered man that, aside from being superstitious and easily duped, had many faults. Shamashri despised insolence and would react to displays of it with rage, often threatening his slaves with beatings. When he was in a particularly foul mood, Watto would hurl abuse at his slaves, and would get them to repeat tasks, even if they were redundant. Despite this, Watto was considered to be a comparatively fair master in Mos Espa, and was neither particularly violent or cruel.

Watto also loathed to display any semblance of loyalty, affection or gratitude as he deftly sold out or abandoned the Jawas that had helped him adapt to Tatooine as soon as he had learned all he could from them. Shamashri understood that he was not a popular figure in Mos Espa, though popularity itself mattered little to him. As a result, Watto was unapologetically abrasive. He had been a bitter individual ever since his youth. Another side effect of his total lack of vanity was his poor hygienic standards and tendency to not maintain his appearance. Watto had green teeth, an excess amount of body fat, exuded a foul body odour, and left much of his face unshaven.

One of the junk dealer's favorite pastimes was complaining. He would often shift blame, and fully believed that each one of his complaints about any given subject was justified. Watto was plagued by nightmares, in which two heavy weights prevented him from flying up to the top of the heap. The two weights were labelled "other people's incompetence," and "my own rotten luck." He refused to accept responsibility for any of his own setbacks, instead using his slaves and the native Jawas as scapegoats. He was shrewd, and only bet when he was sure of the outcome. When Watto lost a bet to Kyp Durron, he refused to accept the outcome, and sunk into depression. He was later ridiculed throughout the community for having let an outlander get the better of him.


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