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Tiaan Jerjerrod
Biographical information

Tinnel IV


33.4.1 BBY, Tinnel IV


4 ABY, Coruscant

Physical description





6'0" (1.85 m)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Family information

Jax Jerjerrod (son)
Jo Jerjerrod (grandson)
Jul Jerjerrod (daughter-in-law)

Political information

Galactic Empire

Tiaan Jerjerrod (pronounced /dʒærˈdʒærrʌd/) was a Human male Imperial officer who hailed from a wealthy family from the Core World of Tinnel IV.


Early lifeEdit

Tiaan Jerjerrod was born in 33 BBY on the Core World of Tinnel IV into a wealthy family. His grandfather had served as an admiral in the navy of the Old Republic; Admiral Jerjerrod's connections with the Palpatine family greatly benefited his own family. In his youth, Tiaan Jerjerrod attended an engineering academy until his high grades earned him a job drafting plans for warehouses. He started his Imperial career in Logistics and Supply as a desk officer, and he eventually rose to the rank of general.[1][2]

Moff of the Quanta sectorEdit

"You're just a Moff, Jerjerrod—you couldn't possibly have been given any duty of significance."
―Bregius Golthan[src]

Because he was not ambitious and took great pride in destroying his enemies,[3] he became a Moff by 1 ABY, commanding his home sector, the Quanta sector, from a family estate in Val Denn on his homeworld of Tinnel IV. His estate included a vault of artwork, several pieces of which were stolen by the master thief "Tombat." The thefts were investigated by an Imperial investigator named Cammel Atarul.

Around 1 ABY, Jerjerrod dispatched an encoded transmission stating that a Rebel operative had intercepted encrypted documents related to the research initiative known as Project Dead Eye. The Moff authorized the recipients of the message to eliminate any Rebels involved in the theft, adding that security was being increased for the project and its leader, Doctor Vacca. Jerjerrod concluded his transmission with a personal note, stressing the importance of Project Dead Eye and the need for absolute secrecy—and that should anything go wrong, the Dark Lord Darth Vader would have the Moff's head. At one point, Jerjerrod was featured in an advertisement for Kuat Drive Yards's All Terrain Scout Transport, giving the corporation a thumb's-up.


Notes and referencesEdit

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