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Peckhum 3
Stone Peckhum
Biographical information



8 July 1965, Corellia

Physical description





5'9" (1.74 m)

Hair Color

Black; later grey

Eye Color


Skin Color


Family information

Peckhum's wife (wife)
Peckhum's son (son)
Peckhum's daughter (daughter)
Mort Zekk (foster-son)
Keith Zekk (foster-son)
Valerie Zekk (foster-daughter)
Zander Zekk (foster-son)

Political information
"People gotta eat."
―Stone Peckhum[src]

Stone Peckhum was a notorious human male, who at different points in his life, was a musician, spacer and scavenger.


Early lifeEdit

Stone Peckhum was born on Corellia in the year 1965 on 8 July and raised in a lower class family. An only child, both of his parents were musicians, and was taught by them how to play many different instruments during his childhood. Peckhum took their teachings to heart, and at age twenty-one joined a band that would change his life forever called The Wind Chimes. After a year or two of struggling to get noticed, the band slowly began to garner more mainstream success, eventually becoming infamous across many parts of the Galaxy.

Peckhum would also marry his longtime fan and girlfriend Peckhum's wife in 1988. The couple later had two children together, Peckhum's son and Peckhum's daughter. Unfortunately for Peckhum, The Wind Chimes would eventually go their separate ways for awhile, leading to he and his family to go through some tough financial times.

Supply pilot and caretakerEdit

Peckhum struggled to make ends meet by working as a caretaker for one of the many Orbital Solar Energy Transfer Satellites that orbited Coruscant through the use of an old freighter, the Lightning Rod. Apart from being a caretaker, Peckhum also ran supplies to the Jedi Academy, being one of Luke Skywalker's trusted workers. During one of his supply runs, while he was on his way to Coruscant, he met teenaged siblings Mort, Keith, Valerie and Zander Zekk and took the young orphans under his wing. They became friends, sharing with one another what they were able to earn or obtain.

In Peckhum's absence, the Zekk's would often leave the apartment to explore Coruscant's undercity, where he discovered that they had something of a talent for finding things that were valuable. This talent was hit-and-miss, though. On one occasion Zander climbed down forty-two stories of an abandoned turbolift shaft to find that what seemed to be a glittering object was actually a piece of foil wrapping stuck to some ooze.

Personality and traitsEdit


Stone Peckhum

"Yeah, but just pissing around in a no name band ain't gonna pay the bills."
―Stone Peckhum[src]


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