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Kenneth Kenobi

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Quotes with Kenneth KenobiEdit

Spoken by Kenneth KenobiEdit

"Famous last words."
Kenneth Kenobi[src]
"Your manners have not improved yet. You're late."
Kenneth Kenobi[src]
"You fight like a man, let's see if you can drink like one too."
Kenneth Kenobi[src]
"Only a fool would try to arrest us twice in one day."
Kenneth Kenobi[src]
"One day I feel like I will never live with the changes, and the next I am dreaming of living them over again."
Kenneth Kenobi[src]
"What a sweet disposition."
Kenneth Kenobi[src]
"You son of a bitch! You're starting to believe what they're writing about you, aren't you?"
Kenneth Kenobi[src]

Conversations with Kenneth KenobiEdit

Spoken about Kenneth KenobiEdit

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