Jana Keller

Jana Keller

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Spoken by Jana KellerEdit

"Don't ever let anyone else's bullshit dictate your happiness. You only get one fucking shot at life, so you better make it count."
Jana Keller[src]
"Don't let people dictate how you live your life."
Jana Keller[src]
"He isn't going to give us any information. Just kill him."
Jana Keller[src]
"Don't be such a fucking prick."
Jana Keller[src]
"You're a fucker, you know that?"
Jana Keller to Bailian Durron[source?][src]
"No, I can't cook to save my life."
Jana Keller[src]
"You know what? You can go fuck yourself."
Jana Keller to Bailian Durron[src]
"For Christ's sake."
Jana Keller[src]
"Three days is a long time to be out. I won't be surprised if she never wakes up and just dies."
Jana Keller[src]
"Hang the code, and hang the rules. They're more like guidelines anyway."
Jana Keller[src]
"It's too late to earn my forgiveness."
Jana Keller[src]

Conversations with Jana KellerEdit

?: "Okay. What happened to my clothes?"
Vestara: "They were all bloody and disgusting. Plus, Jayden didn't want there to possibly be any poison on them too, not that that was necessarily likely, but just to be safe he burned them."
?: "He burned them?"
Vestara: "Yeah."
?: "Question, is he always this rude or does he save that for what was it, non force-sensitives?"
Vestara: "Oh, he's rude to everyone. He claims it's apart of his charm."
?: "Ah."
Vestara: "Besides, he thinks it's best to have a tough exterior."
?: "Seems like interior too."
Vestara: "I guess you could say that."
? ? and Jana Keller[src]

Spoken about Jana KellerEdit

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