Fergus Kenobi

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Quotes with Fergus KenobiEdit

Spoken by Fergus KenobiEdit

"You lovebirds run along and have a good time. You're only young once, remember that."
Fergus Kenobi[src]
"Let us stand and fight, gents."
Fergus Kenobi[src]
"Fortune has clearly brought us here..."
Fergus Kenobi[src]
"Everything we've ever faced, everything we've ever done, has led to this."
Fergus Kenobi[src]
"If you have something to say, I might be saying something as well."
Fergus Kenobi[src]

Conversations with Fergus KenobiEdit

"And who you be, lad?"
"Aye, it is. And when we find the scurvy blackguard responsible, he can apologize to me in hell.
Fergus Kenobi and ?[src]

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