Bail Dumb-3

Bailian Durron

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Quotes by Bailian DurronEdit

Spoken by Bailian DurronEdit

"Sorry. Typo."
Bailian Durron[src]
"And here I thought we were friends."
Bailian Durron[src]
"They only hate us "evil" Durron's because they're jealous of our prowess and standing. Most people are."
Bailian Durron[src]
"It must be his "dark shit"."
Bailian Durron[src]
"There's a town not very far from here. We can resupply there, and get back to shooting each other later."
Bailian Durron[src]
"I think you confuse our pridefulness with arrogance. Not surprising. It's easily done."
Bailian Durron[src]

Conversations with Bailian DurronEdit

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