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Matthias Madine
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31:12:15 BBY, Andowyne

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5'11.5" (1.82 m)

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Family information

Zachariah Madine (father)
Olive Madine (mother)
Sorsha Tanthalos (1st wife)
Christina Madine (daughter)
Max Madine (son)
Crix Madine (uncle)
Mikal Tanthalos (father-in-law)
Bavmorda Tanthalos (mother-in-law)

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"Give me a sword, I'll win this war for you."
―Matthias Madine[src]

Matthias Madine, also known as Madmartigan, was a human male warrior who served the Knights of Galladoorn, the Tir Asleen rebels and later the New Jedi Order.


Early lifeEdit

Matthias Madine was born on the planet Andowyne in the year 15 BBY to Zachariah and Olive Madine. His paternal family were offworlders from Corellia while his maternal side was a noble family from the kingdom of Galladoorn. He was given impeccable schooling as child, so that someday he would ascend to administrative duties of the kingdom. However, Matthias was far too restless, reckless and truant as a child. He would escape his lessons in the palace to visit Galladoorn's eclectic bazaars and became friends with a group of Eastern horsemen who taught him horseback riding and archery.

At age ten, he was able to save his friends from bloodthirsty Pohas by slaying some. The famed swordsman Roniro noticed his raw talent and took the boy as an apprentice and taught the lost art of sushin, but died shortly after Madine reached knighthood. Matthias befriended Airk Thaughbaer, but never spent time with his fellow knights, preferring the company of caravan drivers. He was also at odds with minister Jarenth, who was jealous of him. When he fell in love with princess Carissima of Cashmere and forced to choose between breaking the knight's code or his own heart. With Jarenth's orchestrations, she became convinced that Madine had been cheating on her. In her anger, the princess accused him of revealing court secrets to her. Thus Madine lost all honor along with the armor and stature of knighthood.

He then spent much time in taverns and other haunts, now with the assumed name of Madmartigan. At was at this time that Queen Bavmorda began to expand her borders, crushing all opposition. The knights of Galladoorn took to arms to repulse her at the Land's End, and Airk gave him one last chance to regain his honor. Madmartigan lost this opportunity by deserting Airk at Land's End. As a punishment he was led to the crow's cage at the Daikini Crossroads where he was left to die of thirst.

Meeting WillowEdit

Personality and traitsEdit

"I was scared at first, but only at first."
―Matthias Madine[src]




Sorsha TanthalosEdit

""I love you, Sorsha!"
"Stop saying that!"
―Madmartigan and Sorsha[src]


Powers and abilitiesEdit

Lightsaber skillsEdit

"I am the greatest swordsman that ever lived."

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