Major General was a military rank, a junior or mid-ranking grade of General.

In the Imperial Army, Major Generals usually commanded a Corps or a garrison Corps HQ. Some officers of this rank, however, appear to have served as the High Colonels of Battlegroups, such as Tessala Corvae of the 1st Tapani Assault Battlegroup.

Maximilian Veers, the senior Army officer assigned to The Executor and Death Squadron, was perhaps the most famous officer to hold the rank of Major General. Freja Covell also held the same rank, before being subsequently promoted to commanding General of the entire Army force under Grand Admiral Thrawn's direct command.

The rank of Major General was also used in other military forces, including those of the New Republic and Galactic Alliance: Eldo Davip was promoted from Commander to this rank after the Battle of Borleias.

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