Lord was a title of nobility, deity, and, in past times, a military rank, such as a Jedi Lord. The female version of Lord was Lady. It was in common use when formally referring to Dark Lords.

As a title of nobility, it was recognized by many different worlds as a position of power and authority. Many societies incorporated the title in their way of life and/or as a part of their governments. Several examples include:

It was considered a great honor to be granted the title of Lord by the Galactic Emperor. During the rule of the Galactic Empire, the Emperor would elevate several loyal servants to the rank and title of Lord for their service to him or for performing a great deed in name of the Empire. The members of the Imperial Ruling Council were addressed as such.

As a title of deity, "Lord" was used in various swear words and other phrases. For example, Leia Organa was known to use the phrase, "Lord knows how many...."

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