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Jarious Binkas
Biographical information


Birth Name

Jarious Jaramogi Ugo Binkas


July 15, 4 ABY, Gasha, Bestine

Physical description





6'0.75" (1.83 m)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Family information

Ike G. R. Binkas (father)
N'anya Binkas (mother)
Peppi Bow (wife)
Abso Bar Binkas (son)

Political information

"Mesa sooo smilen to see'en yousa!"
―Jarious Binkas[src]

Jarious Binks was

the first Gungan to represent his people in the Galactic Senate, first serving as a Junior Representative along with Senator Padmé Amidala.

Like most Gungans, Jar Jar was lanky and spoke Basic with a unique accent. Despite being naïve and clumsy, Jar Jar Binks contributed greatly to the fate of the Galactic Republic, both for good and ill. He was a General, Representative, and later helped his people colonize the nearby Naboo moon Ohma-D'un. During his career as Junior Representative, he acted as Amidala's proxy and proposed giving Supreme Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers in order to deal with the Separatist Crisis.


Early lifeEdit

Born to George R. Binks and his wife in Otoh Gunga, Jar Jar Binks, was raised in his family traditions to be a great Whaler as his ancestors had been for hundreds of years. Due to his clumsiness and ineptitude, however, Jar Jar was never able to become what his father had wanted him to be. Once, while on an expedition to hunt a whale in the southernmost seas of Naboo, George ordered his son to hold the wheel steady; Jar Jar, however, let go. This caused their ship to crash into the whale which resulted in the ship sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

A month later, George, Faduna, and Jar Jar were all stranded on a desert island. This caused George to lament over what could have been; he called his son an imbecile and attempted to commit suicide. When Jar Jar offered to swim for help, a task which would have taken fifty years if it was possible at all, George first called him a fool, telling him that he would be eaten within a day, but then had a moment of clarity and told him that it was a good idea. Jar Jar was about to jump into the water when George's wife reprimanded him and stopped George from allowing him to do so. Though what happened to George and his wife is unknown, Jar Jar later found his way back to Otoh Gunga.

Personality and traitsEdit


Jarious Binkas