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The Internet
Biographical information



October 24, Corellia

Physical description





5'7" (1.71 m)

Hair Color

Black, later graying

Eye Color


Skin Color


Family information

Wedard Tachi (father)
Berenice Tachi (mother)
Beatriz Tachi (wife)
Westa Tachi II (son)
Anita Tachi (daughter)
Angelica Tachi (daughter)
Nataniel Sepúlveda (father-in-law)
Valeria Sepúlveda (mother-in-law)
Elena Sepúlveda (sister-in-law)
Vitor Sepúlveda (brother-in-law)
Victoria Sepúlveda (sister-in-law)

Political information

The Galaxy

"I've reached the far ends of the Galaxy and beyond. Some say that I'm similar to the internet."

The Internet, also known simply as Internet, was a smuggler, pirate, privateer, and politician at various points in his life. Born on Corellia in a poverty stricken household, Internet turned to a life of crime early in his life, at first serving as a spokesperson and intermediary for various minor crime lords and later as a smuggler.


Early LifeEdit

The Internet was born on Corellia. Raised in a poverty stricken household in the city Tyrena with his younger sister, ?, Internet turned to a life of crime early in his life. Starting off as a small-time criminal who served as a spokesperson and intermediary for various minor crime lords, his employers kept changing due to power struggles, assassinations, or sometimes his services were bet away in sabacc games. Because of his ever changing employers, Internet also began to take smuggling jobs when he could, visiting many different places across the Galaxy. On one such job for a group called The Fatal Visionaries, Internet and the other pirates planted a bomb on a ship carrying cargo, unknown to them that a few workers were on board the vessel at the time. The bomb went off as planned and they stole the cargo like they wanted, but unfortunately all the workers were killed in the process. This act would come back to haunt him later in life.

Eventually, Internet decided to try and escape from that life, stowing away on a ship heading for Corellia, but he was discovered and tossed off on the spaceport in the city of Hedrett on the planet Cularin.

Personality and traitsEdit

The Broker

Westa Internet

"I have gone by many names, but most of you have come to know me as The Internet."