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38.4.3 BJP,

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5'5" (1.65 m)

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Óscaeda Xizor
Black Sun

Guri was a Human, designed to be an almost perfect replica of a Human Female, and the only one of her kind engineered as an assassin. She was created around 7 BJP by Republic researchers Simonelle Chartrez and Massad Thrumble for Prince Óscaeda Xizor, head of the Black Sun crime syndicate. After being sold to Xizor for nine million credits, Guri served as his lieutenant and was one of the few individuals the necessarily paranoid crime lord believed he could trust.



The Falleen Prince Xizor had secured his place as the leader of Black Sun, the most powerful crime syndicate in the galaxy. Xizor's position necessitated a certain degree of paranoia and, with little trust for those around him, the Dark Prince sought out a completely loyal lieutenant, one who did not suffer from the same fallibilities as a sentient.

Meanwhile, the Galactic Republic had begun research into the development of Human replica droids, the project being led by Simonelle and Massad Thrumble. The researchers were able to acquire both the plans and a prototype of a Human replica droid that had been developed as part of the aborted Project Decoy, possibly with Black Sun's assistance, which would serve as the basis for Guri. Though Guri was originally intended to be only a prototype, Xizor quickly saw the potential of the project and commissioned them to construct a Human replica droid to serve as his second in command. The researchers modified Guri for Xizor's purposes and sold her to the Dark Prince.

Guri cost Xizor nine million credits, and he considered her worth every decicred. Her long, silky brown hair, clear brown eyes and big luscious lips, combined with a fit and healthy looking figure, gave her the appearance of a beautiful Human woman in her early twenties. Her voice was normal.

Guri's lungs breathed air and her heart pumped blood, although, like all her organs, they were entirely synthetic, consisting of bio-fibers. Her bone structure was constructed of high-strength, polymer-covered alloys, and thousands of micro-gyros embedded in her joints gave her a perfect sense of balance. Both her bones and organs appeared entirely Human when scanned, as did her flawless, cloned skin. The skin was the only truly organic part of Guri's body, cloned from genuine Human skin specifically for her. Her muscles, however, would not fool scanners—in order for them to provide her with greater strength, they were made of a material that scanned as an unknown tissue. One of the few ways that she could be seen to differ from Humans was that her body temperature was ten percent cooler than was considered normal, cold enough to kill a Human.

Her AA-1 VerboBrain processor was extensively modified by Simonelle, the Ingoian scientist's biggest contribution to her development, to allow her to keep track of all the duties Xizor would require of her. Positronic Human behavioral programs allowed her to act Human —she could eat, drink and perform any other function needed to pass for a normal woman. She was also capable of emulating all of the "more intimate" functions of a Human woman, and Xizor made use of her abilities in that regard.

Service to Black SunEdit

A unique creationEdit

Soon after Guri was turned over to Xizor, he decided to ensure her uniqueness by preventing her creators from producing any more like her. Thrumble's position within the Republic guaranteed his safety, however the creator of her processor had no such protection. Therefore, Xizor ordered Guri to travel to Simonelle's workshop and kill the scientist. However, Simonelle had anticipated Xizor's actions and constructed a replica of himself. Arriving at Simonelle's base, Guri entered the workshop and approached what she believed to be her creator. Striking quickly, she knocked him back into a computer console. Wasting no time, Guri grasped his neck and squeezed until blood began to pour from his eyes, nose and mouth. The confrontation was over in seconds and Guri returned to her master. The real Simonelle went into hiding to prevent Xizor from learning the truth.


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