Grand Moff was the title given to the Regional Governors of Oversectors. These sectors, also called Priority Sectors, were locations that were of special interest to the Emperor. These included the Imperial capital of Coruscant and the Death Star. Wilhuff Tarkin was the first Grand Moff of the Galactic Empire, and held authority over multiple Priority Sectors.

Powers and functionsEdit

Grand Moffs received drastically increased authority, military forces, and funding as fitting their enhanced position. The position of Oversector governor was the sixth highest in the Empire after Emperor, Executor, Grand Vizier, Imperial Ruling Council chief, Grand Admirals and Grand Generals. Technically, this made them comparable to Imperial Advisors as they both answered directly to the Emperor. While Imperial Advisors could appoint Moffs, only the Emperor himself could appoint Grand Moffs. The actual nature of the upper levels of the Imperial government was extraordinarily complicated, partially because the Emperor wanted those below him to be uncertain where their position truly stood.

Grand Moffs were personally appointed by the Emperor's will but the first of their number, Grand Moff Tarkin, was actually promoted by Ars Dangor after the submission of the Tarkin Doctrine. The Grand Moffs reported directly to the Emperor and competed for his favor.

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