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"Impressive…most impressive."
Darth Vader regarding Luke Skywalker during the Duel on Cloud City[src]

Force Jump, also known as Force Leap, used the Force to augment the user's natural leaping ability. Force-users adept in this technique could perform awe-inspiring vertical/horizontal leaps with impunity.


Using the Force to enhance one's jumping ability was one of the most commonly used Force powers by Force-users throughout history. The height to which a user could jump varied depending on skill level and physique; however, most Jedi Masters could easily jump several times their own height. Jedi Knight Jaden Keller was known to have been able to jump up to eight times higher than a normal jump[1] and a Jedi during the Battle of Galidraan was able to jump high enough to reach the Mandalorian Myles who was flying high in the air using a Jetpack and cut him in half.[2] A skilled user could leap tremendous distances when combining this technique with that of the muscle-enhancing Force speed.[1]

In combat, a well-timed Force Jump enabled the user to quickly cross the distance to engage an enemy;[3][4] this was most widely employed during lightsaber battles. It was also common for Jedi to use this technique to evade attacks in lightsaber combat, many would use and practice sai acrobatics which relied on the Force for the jump's power, height, and speed.[5] This ability was essential for practitioners of the acrobatic fourth form of lightsaber combat,[4] such as Yoda.

At the time of the Dark Nest Crisis, Jedi trainees of the New Jedi Order at the academy on Ossus practiced their Force Leaps from a young age by jumping over a three-meter cross ray. The youngest students at the academy would practice this way, with safety repulsorlifts to break their fall if they couldn’t land on their own.[6]


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