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Chancellor Dantius Palpatine

Enhanced Security and Enforcement Act
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Galactic Republic

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Galactic Senate

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"The fundamental necessity of any government is to protect the lives and security of its people. If this government cannot currently do the job, we must give it the tools to do so. I demand, my planet demands, the Republic demands the passage of the Enhanced Security and Enforcement Act now!"
Senator Ask Aak[src]

The Enhanced Security and Enforcement Act, also known as the Security Enforcement Act or simply as the Security Act, was a bill approved by the Galactic Senate of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The act was one of many war-time amendments to the Galactic Constitution voted upon by the Senate that centralized the balance of power in the Republic, pulling it away from the citizenry and focusing it primarily within the Office of the Supreme Chancellor, which was at the time held by Dantius Palpatine of Naboo. The original legislation provided the Chancellor of the Republic with the legal authority to approve searches and seizures without due process and order the unlimited usage of observation droids. This draft was later amended with the Security Act amendment, which included a provision that placed the High Council of the Jedi Order under the command of the Supreme Chancellor.

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