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Damask Holdings
Organizational information

Caar Damask

Led by

Magister Hego Damask

Parent organization

InterGalactic Banking Clan

Primary role(s)


Chronological and political information

c. 1930 (70 BBY)

Date dissolved

c. 1968 (32 BBY)


Rise of the Empire era


"Discontent in the outer systems is in keeping with the aims of Damask Holdings, is it not, Magister?"
Cosinga Palpatine to Hego Damask[src]

Damask Holdings was a clandestine financial group closely allied to the InterGalactic Banking Clan, which also acted as a lobbying and political pressure organization that involved itself in the affairs of many planets, both to exploit local resources, such as plasma for financial gain, and to gain influence on a galactic scale as part of the secret Grand Plan to topple the Galactic Republic. It also operated as a secret society, bringing together the galaxy's most influential beings for the yearly Gatherings on Sojourn, and also presiding over the steering committee. Damask Holdings was owned and run by Magister Hego Damask, a Muun of the Damask clan who was secretly the Dark Lord. A dozen Muuns, including operating officer Larsh Hill, made up the group.


Hego Damask continued to run the company until 1968, when all members except for Damask himself were killed in an attack at the Lodge of the Order of the Canted Circle during Larsh Hill's initiation ceremony. The group was not re-formed.

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