"Evil began in a time before recorded history, when magicians made themselves into kings…and gods…using the powers of the dark side of the Force. The weak-minded have ever been ready to obey one who wields great power. Those who learned the powers of the dark side were quick to exploit this weakness—to make war. Again and again the dark side has surged forth, like a storm…devouring whole worlds and entire star systems. Those who mastered dark power became dark power. They unleashed destruction, for no other reason for selfish gain. They despoiled nations…destroyed whole civilizations. Some of them, I am ashamed to say, were Jedi."
Ood Bnar[src]

The dark side of the Force, also known as the Darkness, the Dark Side, or simply the Dark, and called Bogan or Boga by ancient Force-sensitives, was an aspect of the Force. Those who used the dark side were known as either Darksiders, Dark Jedi or Dark Lords. Unlike the Jedi, darksiders drew power from raw emotions like pain, hatred, and passion.

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