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300px-Beckett Aboard Endeavour
Crueya Vandron
Biographical information



40.10.12 BJP

Physical description





5'5" (1.65 m)

Hair Color

Brown (white wig)

Eye Color


Family information

Jonathan Vandron Sr. (father)
Edeena Vandron (mother)
Jonathan Vandron Jr. (brother)
Bartholomew Vandron (brother)
Jane Vandron (sister)

Political information

"The Brethren know they face extinction. All that remains is for them to decide where they make their final stand."
―Cutler Beckett to Ian Mercer and James Norrington

Crueya Vandron was the Moff of the Earth Sector , and in charge of the Galactic Empire's expansion in the Mid Rim and Outer Rim. Before becoming a Moff, he was in the English Navy on Earth and the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars. He was granted the title of Lord at some point before assuming Port Royal, Earth as his base of operations. Once in the Mid Rim, Lord Cutler Beckett made it his goal to remove any pirates or rebels from the galaxy forever. From aboard his Star Destroyer, the HMS Endeavour, Beckett oversaw his war against piracy.


Early lifeEdit

Crueya Vandron was born to wealthy parents on the planet Kuat in 40 BJP. As he got older, he became more consumed with power and thought of joining the political arena, however he instead joined the Royal Navy and later the Republic Navy. Because in part of his parents influence, as well his tactical know how, Beckett quickly rose though the ranks. So much so, that it caught Chancellor Palpatine's attention. Impressed, Palpatine offered Beckett to become a Representative of his. Seeing the potential political standing with Palpatine, Beckett of course accepted.

Clone WarsEdit

Meeting Jack SparrowEdit

During the war, Beckett oversaw operations conducted by the East India Trading Company on behalf of the Republic Navy in the Outer Rim. It was at this time, that Beckett met Jack Sparrow, a Privateer who was working part time smuggling jobs for the EITC as well as the Galactic Republic. Sparrow continued to work as a loyal captain for the Company, however, when Sparrow refused to transport slaves he had his men capture Sparrow. Beckett himself branded Jack as a Pirate burning a "P" symbol onto his right forearm and had him incarcerated. Jack ultimately escaped, and at some point left his own mark on Beckett.

Some time after this, Cutler Beckett now an Admiral was in charge of a Fleet stationed at Earth to ensure the Separatists wouldn't attack the planet, he would remain here until the end of the war.

New OrderEdit

After the Old Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire, Beckett was promoted to Moff of Earths Sector, where he would be in charge of the Galactic Empires expansion in the Mid Rim to get rid of any pirates,smugglers,rebels or separatists and to ensure Imperial obedience. Cutler was more than happy at this task, because he didn't see any difference between any of the previously mentioned groups. And when asked why he wanted to in charge of this task, his answer was To ensure that Earth stay clean from any "disease filled resisters".

Approximately in 1 AJP, Lord Beckett, arrived at Port Royal aboard a Star Destroyer named the HMS Endeavour, bearing arrest warrants for William Turner Jr, Elizabeth Swann and former Commodore James Norrington, all of whom had been implicit in the escape of Jack Sparrow from his execution at Fort Charles during the Clone Wars. Norrington had already resigned his commission from the Imperial Navy, but Beckett was able to have Elizabeth and William arrested.


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