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The Clan Vos was a Kiffar family. For a time they were the rulers of the planets Kiffu and Kiffex. The Clan's insignia was a gold five-point star enclosed by a circle, the same symbol used by the Kiffu Guardians. Facial markings that traditionally represent the Vos clan include vertical bars of yellow/off-white over the middle third of the face and smaller horizontal bars across the bridge of the nose and cheeks.

Family TreeEdit

Lequoia Vos
Abooksigun Vos
Bena Vos
Enyeto Vos
Jard Dooku
(see House of Dooku)
Galilahi Vos
Leyti Maska
Tinté Vos
Kurlin Vos
Salali Vos
Lequoia Vos
Teague Sparrow
Pethros Vos
Quian Vos
Asanté Vos
Jack Sparrow
Angelica Tachi
Quinlan Vos
Khaleen Hentz

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