Second Battle of Dac


Battle of Kattada

Battle of Toprawa

Great Jedi Purge/Galactic Civil War






Alliance victory


Alliance To Restore The Republic

Galactic Empire


Executive Personnel Officer Facet Anamor


Heavy losses

The Battle of Toprawa was an early battle in the Galactic Civil War in which the Alliance To Restore The Republic captured a large portion of the Death Star plans from the Galactic Empire. It was the first significant space battle for the fledgling Rebellion, and its first major victory.

After raiding an Imperial convoy above Toprawa and capturing the plans, augmenting them with other plans from a research station on the planet's surface and yet others from a facility on Danuta, the Toprawa Rebels needed a way to transmit the plans off Toprawa and into the hands of the larger Rebellion. The Empire declared the planet a restricted zone, but the Rebels soon got their chance when the Tantive IV arrived in-system. Shortly after having arrived on Toprawa, Rebel allied crew members of the CR90 corvette were confronted by Imperial forces, who had been given orders to arrest the members of the Tantive IV, among them Leia Organa, if the corvette landed on any other world than the owner's homeworld of Alderaan.

In the end, the Rebels triumphed after the Toprawa Rebels held off Imperial ground forces and transmitted the plans to the CR90 corvette's ship. The Tantive IV narrowly escaped the system, with the Star Destroyer Devastator in pursuit, but the majority of the ground forces were killed in the process, and the others were forced into hiding.

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