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Fizzy liquid with a frothy foam;[2] amber,[2] yellowish[6], black[7] or purple[2] color; thick, sweet smell[8]

"A man's got to relax and have an ale from time to time. Good for the soul."
Roly Melusar[src]

Ale was a frothy,[1][2] yeast-based,[9] potentially alcoholic beverage, with a thick, sweet smell.[8] Some types of ale, like the Mandalorian ale kri'gee, had a bitter taste.[5] Ale was made in a process called brewing.[10] It was produced in breweries, dedicated buildings for the making of ale, for which the planet Clendor was famous.[11] It could also be brewed at home, for personal consumption.[10] An "ale house" was a tavern where ale was sold.[12] Ale could be stored in special containers called kegs,[13][14] and was sometimes served in "pints".[15]

"I got ale. More ale. Other ale. Different ale. Grog. And starfire 'skee."
―The bartender at Alcazar lists what is avaliable[src]

There were a number of different types of ale including Trandoshan ale.[16] Following the Battle of Endor, the cantina Alcazar on the planet Akiva severed at least four types of ale along with grog and Starfire 'skee according to the bartender.[17]


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