"An admiral must go down with his ship."
―Admiral Kilian[src]
File:Imperial Admiral.jpg

The title of Admiral signified senior command rank in many navies and starfleets. Admirals, also known generally as flag officers, were typically responsible for a high level military command at battle group or fleet level, and/or for administrative and political duties relating to naval operations.

Basic terminologyEdit

Most navies made use of various grades of admiral, with the basic hierarchy of Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral and full admiral seemingly almost universal. Below rear-admiral, the position of commodore was often regarded as a junior flag rank, and at least one instance of a Brevet Admiral is known. Some navies also had superior flag ranks above full Admiral, such as the Admiral of the Fleet in the Rebel Alliance and New Republic, and Grand Admirals under the Galactic Empire and the Galactic Alliance.

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